The MFR Coach | Group Coaching Program
Create the foundation for your 6-Figure MFR Business without working harder
Enrollment is open until April 24th!
Three payment options available!
  • One time payment of $5000
  • 3 payments of $1700
  • 6 payment of $875
 Monday, April 24 
 11:55pm CST 
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Does This Sound Like You?
As a MFR Therapist you always thought it would be simple.

You’d open up shop, be fully booked, and help so many people with the power of MFR.

"Build it and they will come".

In reality, you’ve spent a lot of time hoping for a thriving, financially successful MFR practice while not believing fully that it could.

So for now…

You want to increase your income but you keep telling yourself you aren’t sure how.

  • You don't have all the clients you'd like and have no idea of how to reliably find them in a way that doesn’t feel weird or salesly…
  • You feel exhausted but have zero in savings to show for your hard work. You don’t even consider raising your rates because the thought of it makes you cringe.
  • You have more capacity to help MORE people AND to help your current clients in a more impactful way — but you don’t know how to make that happen without coming across as pushy or scaring off your current clients.

So even though you’ve done all the training, and know you’ve got the skills to change people’s lives… you feel like you’re getting in your own way.
I have a good news for you...
You’ve got the missing link in health care literally in the palm of your hands.
and NOW is the time to get out of your own way!
So let me tell you this...

is wrong with you or your talent as a therapist.

YOU have the skills to help people right here, right now.

In order to get the clients to help those people and build your 6-figure MFR business you don’t need to wait until you have:
  • A Fill-In-The-Blank Business Blueprint
  • One More Seminar
  • A Bigger More Affluent Location
  • People who already know about MFR
  • A Better Website
  • More Followers

This list is a bunch of traditional business bullshit thinking.

None of these things will create the business you want.
"You are a John Barnes Trained MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPIST"
It's no mistake that you picked MFR as your career.

You’re not here to play small or to try to fit into a box and be normal.

You are unique by nature and by choice.

But right now, you’re trying to do what everyone else is doing even though you’re already unique, specialized, and committed to doing things differently (us MFR therapists are already weirdos according to ‘traditional rules’).

You don’t want a business based on tired principles that are part of the same system you fight against daily.

You want to feel good about the results you create in the world and earn an income that you can feel proud of.

You want time for your life outside of work too.

This is all possible. I'm here to show you how.
I'm Heather Hammell
I help you, and your MFR Business make more money and help more people. Delete drama. Grow your business now.

✨ Life Coach

✨ MFR Therapist
✨ Podcaster
✨ Author
✨ Thought Leader
After 10 years in my MFR Practice, I was looking for ways to feel happier and less alone.

I was tired of feeling at the mercy of my clients for my self-esteem, frustration, and happiness.

I was waiting to feel successful by continually going to and repeating MFR Seminars.

And-while my skills were truly amazing, I lacked the self-concept (aka the thoughts and beliefs about myself) that allowed me to sell MFR with confidence and trust myself to make decisions.

Here’s how that lack of self-concept was showing up:

I questioned my ability to command a rate that would lead me to be a high-income earner.

It was always just out of reach and I found myself spending everything I made on going to more seminars so I could feel better.

Plus, I wanted to feel connected to people who were doing what I was doing.

One day, it occurred to me that I was responsible for my happiness and I went to work to resolve my unhappiness in my business once and for all.

All I had to change was my belief in what was possible for myself.

From there I made decisions that helped my business feel amazing to me.

Things like:

  • charging what I wanted to earn
  • working the hours that worked best for my lifestyle and family and
  • Setting my business up in a way that meant even if a client (or two) quit unexpectedly, I’d still have plenty of money to cover expenses and make a profit.

I found that nothing bad actually happened to my business when I made these changes.

I was happier.

My clients were better fit and willing to pay my rates and I was booked out more than ever.

Instead of earning just enough, I started to actually have money, lots of it.

I got to be present with my children at all of the activities I wanted to be at.

And I was still a good person, a great therapist, and my clients got amazing results.

I learned how to sell MFR to anyone I offered it to.

I quit playing small and I started showing up BIG to my business.

I want to live in a world where all MFR Therapists know how to create a 6 figure business that they LOVE.

That’s why I created the program that will show you how to get there too.
The MFR Coach’s Group Coaching Program
Become the therapist that creates a 6-figure MFR business without working harder or burning out
Inside this group coaching program you’ll learn how to have control over every aspect of your business including how to:
  • Create clients that return again and again to get the results they came for
  • Decide your rate with confidence
  • Work only the hours that feel best to you without missing out on best-fit clients.
  • Decide on your policies and how to enforce them without worry that your clients will “hate you” 
  • Build CEO-level confidence in yourself as a therapist and as a business person.
Here’s What It Takes to Create a 6-figure MFR Business Without Working Harder or Burning Out...
These are the all-important, non-negotiable skills it takes to create a 6-figure MFR business that doesn’t compromise your values and feels GOOD to be in.

You’ll learn them and get coached on them throughout our 90 days again and again.
#1 Live Your Highest Self Concept
  • Stop depending on client feedback to feel good about your skill level.
  • Learn how to develop the highest self-concept of yourself as a person and as an MFR Therapist so that you never waiver in your own belief.
#2 Raise and Love Your Rate
  • Set your rate based on facts.
  • I'll show you how this makes it IMPOSSIBLE not to love your rate. 
  • Instead of being afraid to talk about it, you'll deliver your RATE like it's the news.
  • Get clear on how to talk about the results you offer with MFR.
  • Learn to talk to anyone in any situation so your clients know what's possible for them when they work with you.
#4 Get Fully Booked and Create Demand
  • Know what it takes to create your own demand so you get and stay fully booked.

  • Become a boss over your schedule. Never depend on outside sources (dropping your cards off at all the places) to fill your schedule.
You’ll receive personalized coaching to bring these skills to life in yourself and your business, and watch your income, happiness, and satisfaction transform in the process!
"I went into coaching with the goal of improving my confidence with my new hourly session rate.

But what I got was so much more than that. I not only make the salary that I want to make, but I’ve learned how to be a better business owner.

I’ve learned how powerful our thoughts matter and the importance of believing in ourselves and our clients to achieve their goals."
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"I was working too hard, feeling stretched thin and something had to change. Heather kicked the pebble.

Within the first week of coaching, I had decided to raise my rate from $85 to $140 per hour.

With my fully booked schedule of 15 appointments per week, my weekly income went from $1275 to at least $2100.

I am on target to my meet my goal of $100K gross sales, working even fewer hours per week, taking 4 weeks of vacation this year, and going to Sedona for seminars. My previous gross sales were $55K.

I feel so supported by Heather and the other therapists in the group, both in business specifics and also the big life-changing journey that is difficult to put into words."
Here’s What You’ll Use to Build Your 6-figure MFR Business Foundation
Ten weeks of twice Weekly calls on Zoom, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am CST.

To keep you on track and help you work to deepen your understanding of what is possible for you and your MFR Business
Course Portal

You’ll have access to the self-Paced Course and Resource bank to help with whatever stage of building your MFR Business you’re at. Wondering how to _____? there is a module for that. Not quite sure about a concept? There’s a PDF or Download for that too.
Private Podcast

Take your coach with you everywhere you go. Every recorded coaching call will be uploaded and available for you to listen to as many times as you’d like right from your phone or device.
Exclusive Facebook Community

You and other group members can celebrate your wins, get coaching on whatever business challenges you’re facing, and explore a community with therapists aiming for the same goals. We grow together and we support each other while we live in transformation.
Join the MFR Coach’s Group Coaching Program
Create the foundation for your 6-figure MFR practice!
Live Coaching April 25th - June 29th, 2023

$5000 USD
Enrollment is open until April 24th!
Three payment options available.

  • One time payment of $5000
  • 3 payments of $1700
  • 6 payment of $875
When coaching begins, YOU start to create the world around YOU.
As The MFR Coach™, I get full-body goosebumps watching MFR Therapists change from disempowered to fully empowered.

YOU command YOUR rate and patient plans of care.

YOU decide who YOU allow into your space.

You decide what You spend your time on.

Overwhelm is not an option anymore because YOU know who YOU are.

YOU realize that you’re always in control of both your life and your business. It’s a realization that sticks with you forever.

YOU did not come this far (taking seminars and being dedicated to MFR) to underearn and overwork and constantly be overwhelmed by your business or home life.

It’s time to have:

✨ More fun and less stress.
✨ More time with the people you love.
✨ More than enough money.

This group coaching program equips you with all the skills you need to create this in your life and business.
"Working with Heather is a game-changer. She helped me cut through inertia and confusion to become more organized and clear with my practice and message to potential clients.

She helped me make decisions quickly and move on.

I doubled my income in a month.” 
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“I can’t express how much I appreciate Heather!

She has been a world of difference for my MFR practice, propelling me from a place of floating along in my “business raft” to taking control of it.

This year alone I’ve helped many more people with MFR and doubled my annual income

I'll be hitting 6 figures for the first time ever in my life and career!), and I am enjoying life more than before!”
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“It is overwhelming to get started with business and she breaks it down and helps you on each and every step so you can start your business on a positive note and stay positive throughout the process.

As you can tell I am a very happy and satisfied client of hers and would recommend her to anyone who is stuck and want to go to the next level.

I can't thank Heather enough for my success with my business."
Don’t wait until you’ve started your MFR business to invest in this program.
You’ve already invested in the MFR Seminars (likely a LOT of them), so you have all the skills to create amazing results for your clients.

But you still don’t know how to turn those skills into a profitable, thriving business.

THIS is the program that will change that. You will create the framework for your thriving 6-figure MFR Practice. Learn the WHO, then create your HOW from there.

Don’t wait.

The time is now.
Join the MFR Coach’s Group Coaching Program
Create the foundation for your 6-figure MFR practice!
$5000 USD
Enrollment is open until April 24th!
Three payment options available.
  • One time payment of $5000
  • 3 payments of $1700
  • 6 payment of $875
Q: It seems risky to invest this amount of money when I’m already not making any money or haven’t even started my business. Should I wait until I have enough money before I start coaching?

A: You are investing in your BRAIN and your Business by joining this coaching program. Creating a brain that can make business decisions easily, and with purpose allows you to create exactly what you want from your business (more money, more satisfaction, help more people, sooner and with more ease). It's safe to make great decisions about what is next for you and your business, no matter what's happened in the past. The goal is to create a 100K business so you never worry about making investments in your business again.

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Q: How can I afford this?

A: Ultimately that's up to you. Decide you will create more clients to cover the additional cost of coaching. Use your brain to find all the ways you can and want to afford to pay for coaching. This is the decision that allows you to afford coaching and all the other things your business is capable of creating.

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Q: How do I know this will help me?

A: You are the promise and guarantee.

Commit to showing up.

Commit to being coachable.

Commit to doing the work.

Ask for help when you get stuck.

Decide it's safe to be a beginner.

Decide this program is the exact best fit for you and your MFR Practice.

Decide to get everything you need from it.

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Q: The scheduled live calls don’t work for me, should I still join?

A: Everything is recorded so you can watch call recordings, the self-paced course, and use the resource bank at your convenience.

More importantly, you are in charge of your schedule. Decide to change things around so you can fully show up for your business during live coaching.

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Q: I’m not comfortable being vulnerable in a group setting, how will I get what I need?

A: You might be surprised at how vulnerable you'll learn to be by practicing showing up even while you're not fully comfortable, knowing that the outcome for you and your business is what's at stake.

Your pattern of not allowing yourself to be vulnerable is simply a more practiced behavior. It's not permanent.

I'm here to support you and so is everyone else in this group.

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Q: I've already had coaching before, how is this any different from other coaching programs?

A: I offer you the skill-set and framework to create a 100K+ MFR practice.

This is much more than a blueprint or one size fits all business in a box program.

The focus of this program is solely focused on your MFR business and you as the business owner.

As an expert-level MFR Therapist and Certified Life and Business Coach, I bring all of my skills from owning my own practice for over 10 years as well as my coaching skill set to help YOU create YOUR 100K+ MFR business.

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Q: I’ve already been coached by you either privately or have completed group coaching before. Why should I continue coaching?

A: If coaching is helping you get to where you want to go, why wouldn’t you want to keep going?

You’ll always have circumstances that you have thoughts about. Having someone else show you your brain is a huge asset for you, both professionally and personally.

It’s easy to tell yourself you “shouldn’t need any more help” or you might think “I can do this on my own”. Of course you can do this on your own but it’s a thought error to think coaching only works if something is going ‘wrong’.

Coaching helps you prevent, plan for, and have awareness around what IS working, what ISN’T working, and a plan for what to do differently next time.

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Already fully booked? Get coaching on the next-level drama that shows up when you’re finally making the money you want.

Feel like your success so far is a fluke? Get coaching to keep yourself from catching ‘it’s the flukes’ and giving up everything you’ve achieved.

Decide you want to stay for more coaching because it’s an investment you love and enjoy investing in. This thought will help you to continue to show up for yourself and your business.

Join the MFR Coach’s Group Coaching Program
Create the foundation for your 6-figure MFR practice!
$5000 USD
Enrollment is open until April 24th!
Three payment options available.
  • One time payment of $5000
  • 3 payments of $1700
  • 6 payment of $875
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