Fully Booked Coach-a-thon 5-Day Challenge to Fully Book Your MFR Practice

the mfr coach's

A week-long event happening daily at Noon CST, July 22-26th

The Coach-a-thon is your opportunity to peak behind the scenes of the Foundations Coaching Program to get a feel for what you learn, what coaching is like, and what you can start doing right now to make your MFR business better for you and your clients.

Walk away knowing what you need to do to


Implement proven systems and strategies now.


Get Fully Booked


Feel More Confident


Be in Control of your business


Stop Treating Your Business like a 9-5 pm Job

The Coach-A-Thon is for you if...

You aren’t making the money you want 
You are tired of not understanding why you are working so hard and don’t have anything to show for it
You aren’t fully booked
You are confused about why things are taking so long and you wonder if you should just close up shop and go work for someone else.
You get easily triggered when clients don’t buy from you

Work with the MFR Coach over 5 days and have exclusive access to coaching and proven strategies that will help you get fully booked.

Join us for the Get Fully Booked Coachathon

An interactive 5-day event designed to empower you with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed to take control of your business and fully book your practice.

Day 1: Be in Control of Your Schedule

Learn how to master your time, prioritize tasks, and create a schedule that works for you, allowing you to achieve a healthy work-life balance while maximizing your productivity.

Day 2: Increase Your Confidence as a Business Owner

Discover proven techniques to boost your confidence, overcome imposter syndrome, and step into your role as a successful business owner with conviction and clarity. Stop treating your business like a 9-5pm Job and start treating it like a serious business.

Equip yourself with proven strategies to navigate rejection so no matter what your client does or says it doesn’t stop you from booking our your schedule with your best clients

Handle client objections with unbothered energy. You’ll learn how to answer your clients questions and remain curious so you never miss a sale because you missed an opportunity t o handle an objection.

Day 3: How to Handle Rejection

Day 5: How to Sell MFR So Your Schedule is Always Booked Out

Day 4: How to Overcome Objections

Master the art of selling MFR in service of your clients so they always get the best outcomes for their health condition and you have the ease of selling solved medical problems.

Exclusive bonuses will apply when you attend live and join the MFR Coach’s Foundation Coaching Program. Terms and conditions apply.

Clear your schedule from Noon to 1 p.m. CST Daily from July 22 to July 26th. Join me and other MFR therapists to create fully booked MFR Businesses with ease and confidence.

Learn exclusive content never before taught outside of the coaching container. Receive exclusive bonus offers only available to those who attend the coach-a-thon live.

We will send you reminders with the links to join us each day and the replay information so you can watch anything you miss throughout the week. Make sure you clear your schedule so you don’t miss out.

Replay content will be sent out daily if you miss a call.

This content will be available until August 6th.

Join our Foundations Coaching Program to unlock more value and support for your MFR practice. Enrollment is Open from July 22nd to August 6th. During the coach-a-thon, exclusive sign-up bonuses will be released daily. Attend live to receive those bonuses!