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  Raise Your Rate Boot Camp  
My wildly popular course that teaches you how to raise your rates and stop underearning is back!

It’s not called a boot camp because I’m going to be yelling orders, forcing you to do shit your body DOES NOT want to do.

“Decide you’re charging this much extra, and tell your clients. DO IT NOW. DO IT NOWWWWW”

Nope. That’s not what happens. If that worked, you wouldn’t need Raise Your Rate Boot Camp because you’d have already raised your rates by now.

Instead, you’ll get five days of power-packed COACHING.

Coaching meets you exactly where you’re at and helps you change your default thoughts and feelings. That’s why coaching makes it EASIER to take action. Because you’re not gritting your teeth, forcing yourself to take action that makes you wanna puke.

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Here’s how we’re gonna spend 5 days together: 
  • We’ll focus each session on a particular area of raising your rate. You’ll learn the exact same things I teach in my group coaching program for raising your rates

  • We’ll get clear on what you *actually* need to consider when you’re raising your rate (most MFR therapists never think of these things)

  • You’ll learn a whole new way for YOU to understand the value your clients get from MFR (hint: they’re not paying you for ‘60-mins of time’)

  • You’ll get coached on all the drama coming up from what you’ve uncovered earlier in the week

  • You’ll walk away feeling in LOVE with your new rate, and clear on how to share it with your clients
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“In May 2022 I completed Heather Hammell’s Raise Your Rates bootcamp. My friend had told me about it and I thought the timing was perfect because I was worrying over raising my rates $10.  After looking at my financial facts, I made a decision to raise my rates by $60.  I also decided to join her coaching program starting in July.

I spent the next 6 weeks pouring over her exhaustive materials (that I had access to) and started implementing her ideas prior to coaching. I also officially raised my rates (which scared the shit out of me) before coaching started.  By the time group coaching had begun I had changed my future significantly.

In July I made 50% more than the month before, going from $5000 in June to $7500 in July and it skyrocketed from there as I continued to move forward with my business during my coaching season. I started offering packages in October and made nearly $14000 that month. My end of year gross income for 2022 was $74000, $47000 of which was made after I started working with Heather. And I’m well on my way to making $120,000 in 2023.  Grossed $15000 in January and February and took three weeks off in January.”

- Patti Calkins (immediately after Boot Camp)

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“My May income was $4880. My monthly income in June was $5500 after BootCamp, and I decided to join your coaching program and started looking at your coaching materials.My August was $13785. I’ll be at $6000 in the middle of September with only 12 days worked!”

- Patti Calkins (6 months after attending Boot Camp)

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Hi! I'm Heather, the MFR Coach. I help you and your MFR Business make more money and help more people. Delete drama. Grow your business now.

✨ Life Coach
MFR Therapist
✨ Podcaster
✨ Thought Leader
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“Before Bootcamp: April: $1,470 was my month.
July was my rate first month of rate change income $2590 (even with honoring of few legacy clients that month). I'm only 2 and a half months in August income was $3465. Overall, I’m working less and earning more.

Jan 2022= $2,480
Raised rates July 1,2022
Jan 2023= $2,890

Jan 2022= 22 sessions
Jan 2023= 15 sessions”

- Alex La Pierre

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“Hello Heather.  I am a new coaching student for your program that  starts in February.  I’m on day three of the RYR boot camp and just watched the section where you told your story about your husband.  Wow!!!!!!  What a powerful story.  Thank you so much for sharing it!

I’ve already raised my rate, changed it on my website and just sold a 6- session package at the new rate.  What a great first step for the coaching program!

Can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the training program! thank you so much!”

- Jonathon Wolff

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